Frequently Asked Questions

Packing up your belongings and relocating to a new address, be it local or international, for domestic or office purposes, is tedious, lengthy, and daunting. At AnQmovers, we aim to simplify the process with our professional deftness, and years of experience in helping people with home removals, international removals and office relocation. Acknowledging that our clients might have queries regarding packing and moving, we have a few generic questions to help you understand our services better.

Since packing and moving is a lengthy and time-taking process, we urge the clients to book our removal services well in advance. For domestic removals or office removals, we require a minimum of 2-3 weeks moving notice so that there is ample time to pack up the things and move to the destination without any delay caused due to an overbooked schedule. In the case of international removals, we request the clients to approach us at least a month in advance, considering that it has more formalities than a simple house removal job. Booking our services ahead of time helps us to plan and execute the task better.

When working with a client, we offer a quote and decide on it before taking up the removals job. Over the first call, we get all the details from the client, such as,

  • How many rooms worth of belongings do they need us to move?
  • Are there any heavy instruments, like piano or paintings, sculptures, and antiquities?
  • How many furniture will be relocated?
  • Are there any heavy equipment and appliances?
  • How far is the destination location of your place?

We need accurate answers to these questions to give you an estimate of the removals cost that you will be paying. Apart from that, we also conduct on-site surveys for clients especially, if there are a lot of things to move or for international removals. It is done to get further clarity regarding the essentials involved in a moving job.

We have an experienced team of professionals with a keen eye for details, who conduct the survey not only to determine the final quote but also to estimate the resources and vehicles that will be needed for the job. They consider every aspect of the relocation, starting from the weight of the objects, the number of fragile items, the number of furniture and likewise. The number of items that need packing helps in estimating the number and sizes of boxes that will be needed, only if you hire our services for packing as well. If not, then we move on to the loading and vehicles part. Our experts will assess the location, for stairs and availability of a freight elevator, whether it has parking space to load the vehicles, etc. After considering and analysing every detail, we will give our clients a final quote, the time needed for the job and set a date for the same.

It is not always necessary to get a parking permit unless it is the rule of your neighborhood. In that case, one will have to get permission from the local council. Kindly ensure that there is enough space to park the vehicles near your collection and moving location. If there is a lack of a proper parking space, knowing early on will help us plan and find a solution.

We would require details like if there are any height and weight restrictions for the moving vehicle, or if any of the locations have a narrow lane that might restrict the vehicle’s movement. Nevertheless, we are here to simplify any complication that may arise during the relocation.

The duration of the removals depends on the distance between two locations, the number of items to be moved, and whether it is a local or international removal. If you hire us for packing as well then the removal will happen in multiple phases of packing, loading, moving, and unpacking. We will give you an estimate once we have all the essential details regarding your relocation. At AnQmovers, we make it a point to execute the task swiftly. Speed is guaranteed when you hire our moving services.

Packing services are not mandatory for the client to avail, along with the removal services. It is up to you, whether you want us to do the packing or not. The packing services are charged separately and not included in the relocation job. That said, we recommend that you get professional help, especially while packing furniture, musical instruments, painting, sculptures, antiques, and fragile items.

Our packing services are quite extensive and flexible. You will need to provide us with a list of the things that need packing along with the dimensions and other details. Our moving experts will take that into account and assist you with the packing.

Yes, we can help you dismantling the furniture and packing it for removal and then unpacking and assembling the same on reaching the destination. Our moving crew can even help you position the furniture in the new place under your supervision. However, you need to inform ahead if we need to carry the furniture up a flight of stairs. In that case, the quote will be revised.

Yes, we can help you in unplugging and plugging of any appliances, except the ones that require gas for running. If you need drilling and fixing in the new location, we will arrange for a handyman, provided you inform us before-hand. We can also arrange a professional to connect and calibrate your gas appliances.

All our services are fully insured against any damage caused in an unlikely even to give you full coverage, as per our standard liability insurance coverage. You don’t need to pay extra for added insurance unless you require it for the valuable items. We can customise an insurance plan for you for extra protection at minimal charges if you need it. For international removals, we would recommend that you get an open cover and add it to your existing policy. That way, the claims will go directly to the insurance company, especially for valuables, musical instruments, antiques and likewise.

We offer weekly and bi-weekly removals services across Europe, along with special international removals to other countries like New Zealand, South Africa, USA, Russia, Japan, China, and others. However, the farther the distance the more advance of a removal notification we will need to execute the task in hand. International removals require adherence to multiple laws and compliances, so we take extra care in handling all our international removal projects.

We offer long-distance office and house relocation services across the UK. We can reach up to Leeds and Manchester in a day. Any relocations beyond would require splitting the packing, loading, and transit time in days, considering that the chauffeurs can drive up to 9 hours in 24-hour time span, as per government mandate. Our moving crew and chauffeurs will require regular breaks before they reach the destination, not to mention the vehicles need to move in a slower pace considering the heavy load of the items being carried to avoid any transit mishap. We will walk you through all the details about this and plan so that there is no delay in removals.

You need to inform us about the cancellation at least 24 hours ahead of the packing and removal. If you had paid us any deposit, we will refund that.