Best House Removals in London, UK

House removals entail more than just changing the address. It’s like relocating your life and initiating a new phase. Whether you are moving from the townhouse to suburbia, shifting from dormitory to a student apartment, or finally upgrading your home from rental to permanent residence, domestic removals can be tough to handle on your own. Moving from one address to another with all your belongings, involve a multitude of “to do’s”, that’s best organised and executed by a professional House removals in London.

We make the move to your new abode a hassle-free and timely affair, ensuring a smooth domestic transition.

Welcome to AnQ Movers! We are here to ensure that you have the most seamless, stress-free, safe, and affordable moving experience to your new abode.

Moving houses signifies new beginnings, and we put in our best effort, allowing clients to start their new chapter on a happy note. From packing your valuables, loading them on the moving vehicles, to ensuring that they reach the destination undamaged.Our expert team of moving agents go through every minute detail. The heavy-lifting is our job, while you relax and take care of the personal essentials.

Apart from offering a high-quality moving service in the UK, AnQ Movers also offers professional cleaning services (end-of-lease cleaning), the man with a van service, along with storage facilities for your valuables. We are also a certified member of the International Association of Movers, attesting to our credibility as a dedicated and best house removal in london.

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Hassle-free House Removals London with AnQ Movers

House removals can be less of an ordeal with the right professionals by your side, to help you along the way. It’s a tedious task that includes disassembling all the furniture, listing each belonging small and big, packing and loading them and the process goes vice versa when everything reached your new address. Planning is the key to execute this lengthy process with ease and without wasting any time. Here’s how AnQ Movers simplifies house removals in london for clients:

Step 1

  1. The client reaches us with a request for home relocation.
  2. We undertake a survey, which is free of cost.
  3. A survey can be conducted both by visiting the spot or remotely as per the convenience and preference of the client.
  4. The survey is done to get an idea about the quantity and size of items that need moving.
  5. After the survey considering all the essentials, an estimated quote is presented to the client.

Step 2

  1. Our team of moving agents will discuss with the client about all the options that we can offer.
  2. It includes details concerning the packing and transit of the movables.
  3. If you need cleaning and waste disposal before leaving the old house/apartment, we have provision to take care of that as well.

Step 3

  1. Once every detail is finalised with the client and a service charge is agreed upon, a schedule is set for the packing and moving.
  2. We coordinate the date with the client so that the transition can be as smooth as possible.

Step 4

  1. On the predetermined date team of professionals will reach the client to pack up and load the movables on to moving vehicles.
  2. In case the client has already packed we will load them safely on to the vehicles.

Step 5

  1. As per the schedule, we will move the client’s belongings to the new house/apartment safely.
  2. Post-reaching we will unload everything and place them inside the house/apartment.

Other than this, if you want us to unpack and assemble the items, we can help you with that too. Our ultimate goal is to keep you stress-free throughout the move and ensure that none of the belongings that are being moved get lost or damaged. In case of any unlikely event, we are insured to cover you for any damage caused. However, with AnQ Movers you can rest assured that you will have a seamless move to the new residence.

Tell us about your plans and we’ll get back to you within 60 minutes. If you need instant help, Please call on 0203 790 7896.

Affordable House Removals in London

AnQ Movers stands true to its title of being one of London’s top House moving companies with its extensive offering of removals services. Given below is what we offer to our house removals clients in London:

  • We provide end-to-end services to all our clients including, disassembling, packing, loading on vehicles, transportation, unloading, and finally unpacking.
  • AnQ Movers offer flexible rates and competitive quotes judging the quantity of the items moved and the total distance covered.
  • Our team consists of licensed and insured professionals with years of experience handling several moving projects
  • We take extra precaution while handling valuable items like musical instruments, paintings, sculptures, antiquities, and likewise.
  • AnQ Movers can arrange for additional insurance for the valuables as a deterrent for accidents.
  • We also offer cleaning, waste disposal, and storage services in nominal charges.

Years of serving clients across the UK, our work has been appraised by several awards and accolades by business organisations. We strive not to live up to the expectations of our clients but to exceed the same.

Expert Tips on House Removals

While we are here to take care of every detail involving house removals, we advise you to be acquainted with these essential domestic removal tips.

  • Take what you need to

Moving to a new address gives you the chance to declutter and dispose or give way what you don’t need in your new house. It can be clothes, furniture, appliances, and likewise. It is advised that you take with only things that are absolute essentials. Decluttering not only helps you save money on removals with lesser number of boxes but also prevents cluttering of your new living space.

  • Weight of each packing box

The government has mandated in place regarding the weight of the packing boxes that are being moved for safety reasons. Moving requires lifting of boxes while loading and stacking them inside the vehicle. So, for that to be safe, a box should not be heavier than 20 kg. In case of bigger boxes, it should be marked as ‘heavy’ and placed at the bottom so that lighter ones can be stacked over making the vehicle well balanced weight-wise to prevent any accidents. One stack should not comprise of more than 5 boxes. At AnQ Movers we load the vehicle with both boxes and furniture for better loading space.

  • Professional packing

Packing depends on the material the item is made from. Fragile pieces like crockery, glass items, etc. should be bubble-wrapped to prevent breakage from impact. Wooden furniture on the other hand needs special packing as well to avoid scratches or damage to the surface. For house removals in London, it is best to hire professional packing services to ensure that the items reach the destination undamaged.

  • Book and pack early

At AnQ Movers we advise our clients to always book our services well ahead of time at least before 2-3 weeks. Accordingly, the schedule of packing and moving is planned and determined to avoid any last-minute rush.

Why Choose AnQ Movers for House Removals?

For years we have been serving the people across the UK, helping them relocate with ease and leveraging our reasonable house removal rates. Our team consists of the best experts and moving professionals, who treat each project as their own so that the clients can relax and have a seamless transition while house relocation in london. AnQ Movers has a crystal clear approach when consulting with a client, along with other attributes mentioned below, which sets us apart from the competition.

  • Guaranteed no hidden costs involved.
  • All details about service charge are decided on before with the client.
  • Cross-check all removal information by staying in touch with the client to avoid any moving day surprises or rate escalation.
  • All services are insured.
  • Experienced personnel with proper license and training.
  • Latest tools for packing, lifting, and loading.
  • Special packing services offered for appliances by professionals well-adept in handling electronics.
  • Our fleet comprises of adequate number of vehicles.
  • All vehicles are regularly serviced and in top condition.

The high-quality moving service of AnQ Movers has become a legacy owing to a host of happy and satisfied customers. Our team guarantees the best house removal experience to the clients at reasonable and flexible rates, unlike any other.

Each client has different needs, and accordingly, the cost of the relocation varies. We usually conduct a survey and offer a quote for the job.
The earlier, the better and more time we get to plan and execute the task. Kindly inform us at least 2 weeks in advance.
Our moving services have multiple variants, along with extra services like professional packing, cleaning and waste disposal, along with furniture assembling.
Our fleet has vehicles with carriers of various sizes. We will assign you one considering the amount and size of the thing that you will be moving.