We’ll Help You Start Afresh with a Hassle-free Moving Experience, All within Your Budget! Did you get a job overseas or moving your business to another country? Are you planning to settle abroad with the family? Did you get enrolled in a foreign university? Are you moving to London, and don’t know how to ship your belongings? Different queries signifying the needs of diverse clients! But the answer remains the same for all. If you are in a dilemma about transporting your belongings from and to London, we will simplify it for you.

Welcome to AnQ Movers, your trusted partner in international moving, for both home & office relocation overseas. With a robust infrastructure and an active network of international fleet across Europe, powered by an expert team, we provide clients with affordable, highly-efficient, and quality removal services all around the world.

Whether you are moving out of UK or settling in the country from overseas, getting all the essentials to and from can be quite unsettling. Moving houses is a daunting task, which magnifies when you are planning to move beyond the borders. More than just a service provider, you need a communicator and collaborator who can help you get through the complex process seamlessly with all your belongings intact and not mention at an affordable cost. AnQ Movers fits in perfectly in that criterion, being one of London’s top moving companies, trusted by all. A certified member of the International Association of Movers, we have set precedence in the industry with our standard practices and quality services.

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Experience Seamless International Moving with AnQ Movers

Moving offices and houses is stressful enough, but international removals are on a different level. With a multitude of cross-border processing formalities and compliances in place, it takes a team of experienced and trained professionals to execute the task with ease. At AnQ Movers we follow a stringent protocol when handling international moving jobs. Here’s a brief rundown of our international removals protocol:

Step 1

  • We get a call from the client
  • A date is settled on to survey the belongings that are to be moved

Step 2

  • Our expert professional reaches out to the client.
  • He/she inspects the belongings.
  • The client is intimated of the professional packing instructions, along with an estimated time-frame.
  • Since COVID-19 we are also offering video surveys to clients (depends on the number of items you are planning to move).

Step 3

  • Our professional presents the client with a free quote, after calculating the items and the time frame, along with the distance that is to be covered.

Step 4

  • Once done with the initial formalities, we will assign our moving agents to the client
  • The moving agents will offer support throughout the process, starting from packing to shipping and the rest.
  • Our team will help the client with documentation, planning and organisation, acquainting them with the regulatory compliances.

Step 5

  • A date is decided on for moving the belongings
  • Once the packing is complete, on a moving day our agents will take custody of the client’s belongings that are ready to be moved abroad.
  • Once the packed belongings are under our care, the client can rest assured that we will take it’s the best care.

Step 6

  • On the pre-estimated date, the belongings are received at the destination address by the client.
  • Our packing and moving protocol is fail-proof with a successful track record of removals without any complaints of damage or loss and a legion of happy clients. We coordinate and help you plan a perfect timeline, so you and your belongings reach the new address at the perfect time, without any unnecessary delays. The same protocol is maintained for people moving to the UK as we have agents all over Europe to reach you and assist you in the relocation endeavour.

Tell us about your plans and we’ll get back to you within 60 minutes. If you need instant help, Please call on 0203 790 7896.

What AnQ Movers’ has to Offer

Take a look at our all-inclusive international removals services. AnQ Movers offers:

  • Comprehensive moving services starting from packing to transporting with flexible rates and competitive quotes.
  • A team of skilled, experienced, licensed, and insured moving personnel dedicated to offering the best to the clients.
  • Qualified moving agents to supervise, organise and manage the moving project.
  • Regular weekly transport services across Europe.
  • Provision for additional insurance coverage for clients with valuables and antiques.
  • Real-time tracking of the movables throughout transit.
  • A well-connected International fleet of vehicles in top condition across Europe.
  • Expert international coordinators to handle customs and geography-specific regulatory compliances.
  • Services include both office and home relocations.
  • To and fro removals every week across all EU countries.
  • Airfreight and overseas shipping services included in international removals involving non-European countries.

Along with these, AnQ Movers also offers secure storage facilities with 24/7 surveillance and temperature controlled units, along with professional cleaning services (moving-related only).

Expert Tips on International Moving

Since you are moving to a different country, international removal is a stark contrast to local moving. It is advised that one remains well prepared for the relocation. Here are a few helpful pointers to follow:

  • Our fully insured and licensed storage services make us popular among our clients. We ensure optimum care of all your valuables and guarantee the security and safety of the items. We assure our customers of the safety of their belongings and offer them complete peace of mind.
  • We also provide storage containers and storage units to meet the short-term and long-term needs of our clients. Our insulated containers ensure that your goods are not damaged in any way.
  • All our storage units are properly sealed and locked. In case you want to check and verify our services’ reliability, we can offer you the seal number of the records to enhance your trust in us. Explore the Trustpilot page to get assurance and proof of security.
  • We offer cost-effective storage solutions to ensure delivering service within your budget constraints. We also schedule the entire process keeping in mind your comfort and convenience.

Take what you need to

  • Know the place that you are moving to

When moving in a foreign country, the research needs to be more detailed and targeted, especially of the region where the person is planning to settle. A brief idea about the things that can be moved and that cannot be moved from across the borders is needed. At AnQ Movers, our moving experts can help you in that regard.

  • Get acquainted with the regulations

Every country is different with a distinct set of regulations and compliances for the movers to abide by, along with other relevant local laws. It is best to do one’s research on regional laws and moving legalities. For anything beyond the basics, we at AnQ Movers are forever there to guide you.

  • Keep all necessary documents handy

With regulations and legal formalities come the needs to furnish essential documentation that can be overwhelming to a person not well acquainted with the same. It is best to resort to some professional help in this matter.

  • Hire professional packing services

International moving involves transit of valuables over a long distance either by road or by waterway or as air-freight. A professional packing service will be a wiser choice than DIY, as they have the right tools, techniques, and materials to ensure the absolute safety of your belongings.

  • Get a moving Insurance for your valuables

International moving companies offer basic insurance coverage to the clients for their belongings. However, oftentimes it is not enough to cover all items, especially if you have things like a piano, antiques that carry substantial value. AnQ Movers have additional insurance packages for the clients to leverage for the safe removal of your belongings.

Why Choose AnQ Movers

AnQ Movers offer regular removal services across Europe and even other continents supervised by the most reliable professionals you will ever come across. We deliver what we promise. Over the years,we have built an unscathed reputation through our uncompromised service to the people moving in or out of the country in hopes of a new future. We are your partner in the new journey of your life, ensuring that the beginning happens on a great note, without any moving mishaps. Hiring AnQ Movers gives you the flexibility of:

  • Weekly international moving across EU, including removals to and from Norway, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Scandinavia, etc.
  • Fast-track services devoid of any delivery delays to spare the client of any hassle while shifting abroad.
  • Bi-weekly removal services to select nations across Europe, facilitated by collaborations with local and regional companies for required ground support.
  • Well-coordinated support from moving agents to prepare a packing and moving schedule.
  • Availability of international removal services to USA, New Zealand, Canada, UAE, Singapore, South Africa, etc.

With AnQ Movers by your side, you do not have to worry about a thing. A smooth transition is guaranteed, as we take care of all the legwork and heavy-lifting letting you concentrate on settling safely in the new country with all your prized possessions and family.

For international moving, we need to be in contact with the destination country’s authorities as well, for the movement of goods. It is best to reach out to us at least one month before the move, more if the destination is further away from the UK.
International moving requires tensile packaging of the goods. We recommend professional packing services as they offer a guarantee that your belongings will reach the destination undamaged.
Yes, we can transport your vehicle in the destination country. Our experts will walk you through the formalities in that context.
Yes, we offer both short-term and long-term storage facilities to the clients at affordable rates. Check with us for further details.