ANQ Office Removals in London

AnQ Movers offers all-inclusive office removals services in London, irrespective of the scale and budget limit one wishes for.

Why us?

  • No matter whether it is an office of one room or more than 1000 people, we at AnQ Movers can accomplish all kinds of relocation services in the UK.
  • We are a thoroughly certified company enriched with high-end tools and technicalities used in contemporary office removals domain. Moreover, each of the professional we house is well-trained, experienced, and certified as well.
  • AnQ Movers provides wholesome packing and safety assurance for office removals in London. Be it about sensitive laboratory equipment, electronic goods, or IT products, we at AnQ Movers do use explicit packing safety arrangement for all.
  • For greater assurance of the clients, here we come up with comprehensive insurance. In fact, each member of the team is thoroughly insured as well. Moreover, we come up with custom-made policies by experts with immense experience, ensuring that they satisfy the clients and their requirements.
  • For smooth completion of the task, here we employ coordinators as per the job type for smart and safe monitoring of the removal work.
  • Upon hiring us, there is no need for worrying about the packaging of things and belongings. We can be the one-stop destination for a whole range of needs at the most affordable budget.

Factors that distinguish us from the rest:

  1. Thoroughly insured : At AnQ Movers, we prepare a customised insurance plan as per the kind of task, and its size. Those in search of additional services may also intimate the concerned coordinator assigned by us for more excellent support. Anything and everything that we offer is always ensured to meet the budget constraints of the client.
  2. Utmost transparency about cost : It is a fact that the office relocation jobs often vary from each other, in terms of size and complexity. It would be unjustified thus to come up with an all-inclusive plan for all types of removal jobs. To maintain fairness, we prefer going for utmost assessment of the project. Here we take all the particular aspects into account. No need to worry as one can seek a precise quote from us prior to beginning the process of removal. It is here to note that we conduct a proper survey of the concerned place before offering quotes. Most importantly, we can guarantee zero involvement of any hidden prices or conditions in the quote offered by us.
  3. Well-resourced for challenging moves : As we always say, AnQ Movers can be the one-stop destination for a whole range of needs for office relocation. It doesn’t matter if it requires lifting equipment & materials for dismantling or assembling, we can offer wholesome service for all. In fact, no need to worry even if any kind of issue appears while accessing the equipment during the uploading as well as unloading process. Our trained professionals are well versed with the whole range of challenges of these kinds. Your accessories are packed thoroughly using high-end packaging materials and then are moved using the most advanced moving machinery, thus ensuring about zero scratches. We hold an incredible reputation for handling sensitive equipment with care.
  4. Complete flexibility about timing : Being a highly acclaimed name for London removals, we understand the level of concerns to be taken into account. To be specific, we can ensure you about zero disturbances through the process of removal upon accomplishing the task through a highly experienced team of professionals. Most importantly, we are flexible about the time of operation as well as ensure no interruptions in official works. No matter whether you are working during the night or on holidays, we can serve anytime as per the client’s wish. With a little cooperation, we can ensure continuing with the removal work even when regular official proceedings go on seamlessly in your office.
  5. Most trusted during urgency : Everyone wants to find a reliable name for removal services in London that can assure about reaching the spot on-time. If you too are in search of a similar service provider, then we at AnQ Movers are always available with our services. The reason is apparent; we are enriched with a massive network of removal experts as well as vehicles in various parts of London. It means we are always only a few minutes away of reaching your place, any time, be it in midnight or early morning.
  6. Free consulting : AnQ Movers being one of the reckoned names for Office removals services in London always remains available for any kind of consulting. Irrespective of the type or size of your removal job, we will always be there to offer you the needful consulting. You can consult regarding the pricing or anything else; our dedicated consultants are going to answer each of your queries thoroughly with the utmost patience and care.
  7. High-end fleets and video surveys : We use the most advanced Transit and Luton vans along with high-end tools and technicalities, ensuring smooth accomplishment of the removal work. In concurrence, we come up with the needful supporting tools, as well as the advanced GPS systems ensuring that the best routes are being followed for on-time delivery. It is here to note that we keep informing our clients for house removal services throughout the process, and also before the starting of the same. Another technical factor that distinguishes us, is the video survey facility. If you simply have a smartphone, you can make the most of it. This process has helped many in terms of saving both their time and budget.

Tell us about your plans and we’ll get back to you within 60 minutes. If you need instant help, Please call on 0203 790 7896.

Contact Us for Office Relocation in London?

We receive most of the service requests on the following occasions.

  • Relocating the business : If you are looking for the best Packers and Movers for your office removals in London with the intention of business relocation, then look no further of AnQ Movers. We can provide you with the whole range of assistance, starting from vehicle, workforce, tools, technicalities, to packing in this regard.
  • Office removal for storage : If you are in search of an office removal company for the storage purpose of your office accessories, then AnQ Movers can provide you with the utmost accomplishment. In concurrence, we can provide storage facility, irrespective of the amount of space you require, or the time period you prefer.
  • Office removal for global moving : When it comes to the office removal for global level moving, only the most reliable names should be considered. And, AnQ Movers can be one of such highly trustworthy names for the people/organizations in search of it.
  • Project-specific moves : If you want office removal for a certain kind of project involving a specific type of set-up or decoration and then afterwards want your things to be back at their initial places, we can fulfil your requirements with perfection. Being experienced enough in similar affairs, we can guarantee the best in class service in this regard.
  • Library Moves : Office removal service involves an altogether different dimension when it comes to library moves considering the superior level sophistication it involves in terms of packaging and safety aspects. We at AnQ Movers, carrying immense experience in similar tasks can thoroughly meet your expectations. Starting from packaging needs to the man and van services in London, we can be the one-stop destination for all aspects concerned with this.

The Different Types Of Packing Solutions

Preparing the belongings to be appropriately packed is the first task. The second is to pack it well for safe transit. But even before implementing these two steps, one needs to strategise on how to conduct the entire transit. You cannot pack the glass objects with hard items as it would eventually damage the product while on the move. Therefore, there are various types of packaging & moving strategies designed by our top removal specialists to pack different items well and move them safely. The solutions include:

  • Fragile Packing Solution : For fragile items such as delicate glass furniture, antiques, paintings, art, and others AnQ Movers uses an additional layer of bubble wrap packing to ensure that the goods sustain the transportation impacts without experiencing damage. Along with that, we also follow a specific technique of sealing the crates with these items to assure safe transit. Also, AnQ Movers has ample expertise to carry out the packaging solutions of fragile items at ease.
  • Export Packing Solution : Export packing is one of the most popular types of packing solutions popularly meant for international shipments. If you are moving abroad, the team can also ensure the export packing solution for safe transportation. All your goods transported to foreign countries will go with an extra layered packaging added to the crates to protect them from impacts. The aim is to use this packing solution for all international packing projects. Even if you hire our services associated with weekly removals to Norway, our export packing solutions will ensure safe transit.
  • Blanket Wrap Packing Solution : Suppose you are too concerned about any special delicate item that needs to be transported to your new home or office; in that case, we have a blanket wrap solution, especially for such scenarios. Under this packing solution, we will ensure that your fragile items are wrapped with thick blankets to give them enhanced protection during long-route transportations. We recommend you to prefer this packing solution, especially for the premium furniture pieces that are not meant to be disassembled.

How to book our services?

  • Initial enquiry : We at AnQ Movers believe in keeping things straight and simple so that people all over the country can easily access it. You can connect with us through phone, over the web, or, straightaway reach us. Upon receiving the queries, we proceed for the further steps. Being responsible contenders, we understand it well about the value of time. In short, you can expect expert assistance from us in a matter of a few minutes.
  • Quotation : The next step is about pricing. In this context, we urge you to provide the complete details of your service requirements for the best rates. It would be best if you provide us with the video of the concerned site, or allow us for a video survey. Generally, we provide quotes in no time for smaller projects. When it comes to the bigger properties, we prefer taking a primary view or survey prior delving into quotation works.
  • Confirmation : We provide quote keeping the important factors like our availability and resources for the specific period in mind. However, we will only proceed after receiving the written confirmation from your side. You can provide us with this confirmation through a mail as well. Once you confirm us, we deliver a return mail about finalising your booking, officially. This means we booked the date for you. In this context, we ask for a small initial deposit amount that remains within the range of 5-10 per cent of the actual package. However, we don’t ask for such amounts in case of smaller projects.
  • Proceeding for the task : After reserving the date and acceptance of your initial deposit, it’s our responsibility to provide you with the service as promised. We are proud about the fact that we hold zero records of any kind of delay. Office removal as a service is associated with enormous risks. This is the reason that it needs proper planning prior to execution. In this context, we at AnQ Movers have been thoroughly distinguishing. The factor that makes us explicit is the technical survey report we offer, which involves complete assessment details of the removal job. So, if you have any office removal need, do feel free to connect with our support team immediately.