Professionals are trained and skilled with all the essentials needed for customers valuable possessions for moving it to a new property. If you seek house removal services and want your furniture, beds, and other essentials to be transported safely to a new premise, reach out to our dedicated team of experts and let them conduct the needful.

AnQ Movers is a professional firm offering dedicated services through experts who carry out your removal requests at your convenience. We are one of London’s top moving companies with the right equipment for maintaining high standards while we commence with our job. Our experts are well aware of the proper techniques for assembling and disassembling big furniture and other essential items. If you have valuable antiques within your premises, then there are special considerations to move them safely too. The team intends to help you fulfil your moving needs without damaging any of your precious house items.

What Are The Perks That We Offer?

While the service costs are minimal, the efficiency is excellent. We make sure that every bit of your needs is fulfilled with our dedicated removal services. To help you understand the true benefits of hiring AnQ Movers, here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect from us,

  • Packing services provided by us are amazingly fast and safe. Whether you are moving to a domestic or international location, we will make the transportation smooth and secure without damaging any of your valuables.
  • AnQ Movers offers services in all of the UK. Irrespective of where you are around the UK, the team is just a call away for all kinds of preparatory, storage as well as packing & moving services.
  • The team makes use of high-quality materials to commence with professional packing solutions. All the materials offered are compatible with the international standards to avoid troubles during transit.
  • Moreover, there are also insurance policies for the clients at a nominal price to ensure the fate of the valuable goods in case they get damaged during transit. You will have to choose the selected services with insurance policies to avail of this facility.
  • The pricing is competitive to the market and is highly affordable, compared to the diverse range of services.
  • After the transit, the team proceeds with unpacking and removing the packing materials. They dispose off the packing materials and recycle them for the betterment of the environment.

Tell us about your plans and we’ll get back to you within 60 minutes. If you need instant help, Please call on 0203 790 7896.

Top Services That You Get From Us!

Being one of the top removal companies in all of the UK, AnQ Movers is here to help you out with your home or office relocation too. There are various types of services available for you to address your different requirements. Based on your requirements associated with your house or office’s relocation, you can pick the ideal service from us at the best pricing. We are equipped with the right tools and expertise to carry out all your complex requirements at ease. Here is a detailed explanation of the different service options available with us to help you know all the ways in which you can benefit from hiring us.

  • Full Packing : Packing services provided by us are amazingly fast and safe. Whether you are moving to a domestic or international location, we will make the transportation smooth and secure without damaging any of your valuables.
  • Unpacking Solutions : We do not leave you after moving your packed possessions to your new property. Instead, the team offers you unpacking services as well. If you avail of this service, they will unload your goods and proceed with the unpacking solutions for your valuables right after completing the transit. After unpacking, they will collect all the waste materials for disposing and recycling to prevent them from hampering the environment. AnQ Movers is well aware of the rules and regulations stated by the UK’s Environmental Agency. As per the stated guidelines, we implement the best measures to ensure that our practices are not harmful to the environment. If you are moving to London, then the team can also make arrangements to get your new office or house cleaned before you can move in. We also have the best professional cleaning services available for esteemed customers all over the country.
  • Consultation Solutions For Packing : If you do not feel the need for hiring professionals to pack your goods and want to proceed with only removal services, we can still offer you expert consultation on how to pack the valuables, furniture, and other goods. The team of professionals will get in touch with you to give you an insight into the expert practices essential for packing the items properly and guide you regarding the choice of the right packing materials for the purpose. You will be instructed to get different-sized boxes as per your packing needs to get everything ready before the moving team arrives at your doorstep. Professionals carry out all these activities with ease, and there is no chance of damage while conducting packing or moving services. This is mainly because they understand the need for different types of packing materials for specific items based on their durability. Therefore, it is always recommended to seek the experts’ help to ensure that the products are packed well for safe and damage-free transit.

The Different Types Of Packing Solutions

Preparing the belongings to be appropriately packed is the first task. The second is to pack it well for safe transit. But even before implementing these two steps, one needs to strategise on how to conduct the entire transit. You cannot pack the glass objects with hard items as it would eventually damage the product while on the move. Therefore, there are various types of packaging & moving strategies designed by our top removal specialists to pack different items well and move them safely. The solutions include:

  • Fragile Packing Solution : For fragile items such as delicate glass furniture, antiques, paintings, art, and others AnQ Movers uses an additional layer of bubble wrap packing to ensure that the goods sustain the transportation impacts without experiencing damage. Along with that, we also follow a specific technique of sealing the crates with these items to assure safe transit. Also, AnQ Movers has ample expertise to carry out the packaging solutions of fragile items at ease.
  • Export Packing Solution : Export packing is one of the most popular types of packing solutions popularly meant for international shipments. If you are moving abroad, the team can also ensure the export packing solution for safe transportation. All your goods transported to foreign countries will go with an extra layered packaging added to the crates to protect them from impacts. The aim is to use this packing solution for all international packing projects. Even if you hire our services associated with weekly removals to Norway, our export packing solutions will ensure safe transit.
  • Blanket Wrap Packing Solution : Suppose you are too concerned about any special delicate item that needs to be transported to your new home or office; in that case, we have a blanket wrap solution, especially for such scenarios. Under this packing solution, we will ensure that your fragile items are wrapped with thick blankets to give them enhanced protection during long-route transportations. We recommend you to prefer this packing solution, especially for the premium furniture pieces that are not meant to be disassembled.

The method of packing is the prime consideration for deciding the total service cost for clients. We check on the number of materials that will probably be used for packing along with their quality. The complexity of packing the goods is also considered before preparing the price quote for the packing services. You need to get in touch with the team to discuss your requirements and give them details about your belongings to get a free estimation. So, the quote that will be given to you will have the material cost included in it.

Yes, we have different types of insurance policies available under selected services to help you get peace of mind while your valuable possessions are being transported to your new home or office. You can talk with our co-ordinators about the available insurance policies and pick one accordingly.

You can get glassware, crockery, linen, lamps, clothes, pictures, books, and other stuff appropriately packed under full packing services. So if you have fragile valuable items in your possession, then its best to opt for the full packing services.So, if you are looking for a professional for your moving needs, AnQ Movers is here to offer you complete removal services at highly affordable rates. Our consultants have the ultimate house moving guide ready to help you out with the best methods and implementations that will meet all your removal needs.