London Storage Services by ANQ Movers

Relocating to a new place is exciting but also comes with a lot of challenges. One of the major concerns is storage. If you are looking for extra storage services in london to securely store your valuables during relocation, getting the storage solutions of professional removals can benefit you. The top london storage company can provide you with reliable services and ensure optimum security of your valuables. Whether you are relocating internationally or nationally, the experts are the right people to trust. AnQ Movers can offer you top-notch storage solutions in London to ensure a hassle-free relocation.

Steps involved in Delivery of Storage Services

Step 1

When you want to rent a storage unit in london, you will have to first connect with our professionals and request for the same. You can get the quote through email, chat, or phone. Discussing all the important details of storage is essential, including the number of items you want to store, the storage space you require, and more. Once everything is discussed, we will provide you with an estimate and finalize a collection date.

Step 2

We will confirm the appointment. Once all your belongings have been loaded, we will make sure to confirm the accurate volume of the goods.

Step 3

We ensure all your precious possessions are stored securely and delivered to you in the same condition without any damage. Our team of experts will carefully check the exact condition of the goods. According to their survey, the professionals will mark the belongings on the inventory list for customer assurance.

Step 4

On the moving day, our professional team will handle the task of loading, unloading, and organizing your belongings at the storage facility. We take appropriate measures to ensure maximum security.

Step 5

Once we get a call from you, we will make sure to pick up all your belongings from the storage space and deliver it to your new address.

Tell us about your plans and we’ll get back to you within 60 minutes. If you need instant help, Please call on 0203 790 7896.

Top Benefits of Choosing our Storage Solutions

AnQ Movers offers an unmatched level of storage solutions to store your valuable belongings during your home or office relocation and renovation. We deliver comprehensive and customized services to meet your exact requirements. Here are some of the best benefits that you will get by choosing our storage solutions in London.

  • Increased Security: Security of your prized possession is our top priority at AnQ Movers. Our storage facilities are under the supervision of highly skilled and experienced security professionals all round the clock. Moreover, our facilities are also well-equipped with advanced CCTV surveillance systems to monitor your goods effectively. We have sealed containers to store your goods efficiently. We ensure optimum protection of your belongings against any theft or potential damages.
  • Skilled Professionals: Whether you are moving out of your dormitory or renovating your home, it is always a better option to avail of professional storage solutions. We have a team of highly qualified, experienced, and skilled experts who can deliver you top-notch services. Our professionals are well-versed with all the nuances involved in the entire process and can offer you high quality and hassle-free storage solutions.
  • Simple Booking Process: The complicated booking process often limits people from opting for professional service. We have a very simple booking process to offer convenience to our clients. With our easy and fast booking process, we help in saving you a great deal of time.
  • Variable Storage Space: We understand that different clients require different sizes of storage spaces to store their valuables. We are a one-stop solution to meet all your storage needs. Furthermore, we provide our clients with storage units of various dimensions to meet their exact space requirements.
  • Cost-effective Solutions: We offer storage solutions that are much cheaper compared to self-storage. Our firm provides you with budget-friendly services and helps you to save more. We can also offer high-quality packing materials to secure your valuables and avoid costly damages.
  • Legal Compliance: Our company ensures legal compliance while delivering storage solutions. We are certified members of the National Guild of Removers and Storers (NGRS). We stick to the procedures and policies to guarantee the safety of your belongings.

Additional Facilities We Offer

AnQ Movers offers a wide range of facilities to clients. Some of the prominent facilities are:

  • Our fully insured and licensed london storage services in make us popular among our clients. We ensure optimum care of all your valuables and guarantee the security and safety of the items. We assure our customers of the safety of their belongings and offer them complete peace of mind.
  • We also provide storage containers and storage units to meet the short-term and long-term needs of our clients. Our insulated containers ensure that your goods are not damaged in any way.
  • All our storage units are properly sealed and locked. In case you want to check and verify our services’ reliability, we can offer you the seal number of the records to enhance your trust in us. Explore the Trustpilot page to get assurance and proof of security.
  • We offer cost-effective storage solutions to ensure delivering service within your budget constraints. We also schedule the entire process keeping in mind your comfort and convenience.

Top Storage Tips

    1. Create an inventory list – When you are planning to keep your items in a storage unit, it can be quite challenging to remember exactly what you need to store. This may result in the loss of things. Whether you are storing large items like furniture or smaller items such as electronics and pictures, it is essential to create an inventory list. Especially when you have a large office inventory, it is more important. With an inventory list, remembering all that is in the storage unit becomes easy.
    2. Disassemble Furniture – If you have heavy items like furniture but do want to rent a large storage unit, disassembling the furniture can help. Disassembling the legs and taking apart the bed frames, mattresses, and headboards can store it in less space. It can enable you to organize the storage unit efficiently and offers extra space to easily accommodate more items without any difficulty.
    3. Avoid Storing Food – It is not a good idea to store foods in the storage units. Whether it is canned foods or jars, they are not suitable for being stored in the storage units. It is so because the food items will get damaged easily and will result in wastage.
    4. Rent out a Storage Unit – When relocating your home or office, it ideal to rent out a storage unit to safely store all your valuable belongings. Make sure to look for the top moving and storage companies in london. AnQ Movers is a renowned moving and storage service provider that can help you keep all your items secure and safe.
    5. Get Appropriate Packing Materials – When keeping your items in the storage unit, it is essential to pack them properly with appropriate packing materials for additional safety. It will not only protect your items but will also help in organizing them effectively. You can use cardboard boxes, plastic crates, and other high-quality packing materials to protect the goods from moisture.
    6. Plan Ahead – Planning ahead is highly important when moving your items to the storage units during your home and office relocation. Planning at the very last moment can result in the unavailability of storage units or may cost you high. In order to avoid any chaotic situations, it is crucial to plan ahead and ensure safe storage of your belongings.
Yes, all our storage services are entirely insured and licensed. We offer insurance coverage to all your precious items and ensure the safety of your belongings. With our secure storage solutions, you can enjoy optimum peace of mind.
Yes, you can access all your belongings in the storage unit whenever you want. However, you need to provide prior notice in order to access the items.
Yes, you can absolutely add more items to the storage space as per your requirements. Moreover, if you require more storage space, we can make the necessary arrangements to store your items in a secure way.
Yes, according to our policy, you will have to make a payment before booking the service. You have the option of making either the full payment or a certain amount. All the reputed companies in the industry worldwide have a similar policy for delivering storage solutions to clients.
Yes, we can provide you with high-quality packing materials to secure your belongings better. We offer the packing materials and also take the responsibility of packing your items to ensure optimum protection and avoid any potential damages. Besides, we take all the measures to prevent any type of harm during the transportation, loading, and unloading process.