Why Choose ANQ Movers

Enjoy Stress-free Removals with the right set of Professionals from AnQ movers.

Ditch your moving headache to get a seamless moving experience. AnQ movers are there to take care of every aspect of your move. For us, our possessions are more than just mere objects. We know that other than financial value, your belongings carry great emotional value as well. Moving from Point A to B isn’t simply packing and transporting things, it’s about acclimating to a whole new space.

Let us do the relocation for you while you still process the shift. Our elaborate three-step removal process includes:

  1. Arrival and packing : At the very first step, our friendly removalists arrive at your location at your selected time and date and help you with the packing.
  2. Loading : Then we safely load your precious possessions into our well-maintained, protective trucks for transit. We follow the shortest route, but you can also specify a route if you want.
  3. Delivering : Lastly, we delicately unload your belongings at your new address, leaving you good-to-go for enjoying your new home ambience.

Being in the middle of moving can be stressful, and we can make it easier for you. Besides, we start early, do some prep and make sure that the removal process remains as shorter as possible. Still, looking for reasons to hire our house and office removal services in London? Here’s some food for your thought!

  • Versatile Services : AnQ Movers offer you flexibility unlike any other when it comes to service charges. We never ask you to pay for a job that we have not undertaken. There are no set-in-stone packages for relocation and storage. Ours is a one-stop-solution for packing, moving, and storage, including end of tenancy services.
  • Trustworthy and efficient : We understand that you might feel uncomfortable at the thought of strangers handling your belongings. For safety reasons we conduct extensive background checks on all our employees, and stress in getting them insured. You can also check the status of your shipment if you want, to ensure that your belongings are safe on the track or not.
  • Best-in-class packaging : We don’t just take pride in our staff, we are also certainly proud of our packaging options. All the packing cartons and wraps that we provide are durable and you can rely on them to effortlessly guard your belongings.
  • Reasonable Prices : Shifting from one point to another can burn a hole in your pocket, even when the removal costs are kept aside. Therefore, to lighten your financial load and to help you overcome the difficult moving phase, we provide you storage and removal services within a competitive price range.
  • Impeccable Customer Support : Moving is hectic and several questions might pop in your head about the relocation. To make the process simpler for you, we provide you 24×7 customer support. You can ask any questions related to your removal at any time that you want. Our experts will always be there to answer your questions.